We created interimTalentia because we are passionate about our work and we want to keep contributing to society by helping businesses in trouble to benefit from our experience and knowledge at a reasonable price.

Dominic Scott

Jesús Domínguez

Over 25 years’ experience in executive roles in mass market companies (P&G, Imperial Brands) and business consultancy (Kantar), leading multi-disciplinary teams and pioneering projects, achieving excellent business results and developing organisations.
Jesús is known for his transformational leadership that makes things happen and makes people feel good doing their job, with the passion and engagement that make him so remarkable.
Dominic Scott

Carlos Pérez

He has held Senior Executive positions in different companies within the Prisa Group for over 30 years in different countries within the Media and Education sector.
He is an expert in business management and in optimising operations and transforming processes and innovation. Carlos stands out for his integrity and ethical values in business as well as his commitment to every project he gets involved in.
Dominic Scott

José Luis García-Nalda

Multi-disciplinary entrepreneur with over 25 years’ experience in companies supplying consumer goods and services.
José Luis is a man of action who is passionate about new businesses and transformation and professionalisation processes in companies. With his optimistic and creative nature and his result-driven mind, he has gained over 20 years of successes in developing different projects for SMEs.