Have you ever heard of “insights”?

We all use the word, but only a few can define what “insight” means. We could agree on the idea that it is a pervading perception that goes beyond the WHAT to reach the deepest WHY of things, making visible that which has been kept away from our eyes. Perhaps it isn’t the outright solution for our problems, but it opens the door and signals a path to follow, a disruption to create… a before and after for things around us.

To generate insights that let us turn around the business, it takes beginning to understand its objectives and problems, its context; it takes focusing on the metrics and dimensions that really matter, without straying from them.

The next step is gathering data, the starting step for the process of insight generation. It is looking for correlations, patterns, and trends, and working on them, interpreting those data by applying our training, our experience, and, especially, our judgment.

But it also takes using our “X-ray glasses”, the spot lights that improve our perception: data visualization, segmentation, regionalization, ranking, use of different time frameworks, use of descriptive statistics measures, dynamic tables, and, above all, teamwork, the greatest generator of creative thinking.

In Interim Talentia we are steeped in broad experience of successfully designing and executing plans based on insight generation, in companies of different sizes and sectors, across departments and professions.

We offer mid-sized companies our know-how, obtained over years of hands-on management. This know-how is a key part of our concept of “Interim Team Management”®, which allows our Project Manager to count not only on the support of a Project Director but of a whole team of experienced managers with different perspectives and backgrounds whose contribution would be key for the identification of insights.

Again, we would be delighted to have a look at your situation and explain to you how we can work together to plan and execute its improvement.